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Dental Implants – Doylestown, PA

Regain Your Complete Smile

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For patients looking to replace their missing teeth, they’ll find no better solution than dental implants. Unlike other treatments, implants actually restore an entire tooth both above and below the gum line, using small titanium posts placed within the jawbone as artificial tooth roots. These provide the foundation for the new teeth, creating something that is the next best thing to nature. Dr. Lewis can use implants to help patients recover any number of missing teeth, so if you’re ready to finally close those gaps in your smile, he’s eager to meet you. To schedule a consultation to discuss dental implants in Doylestown, contact us today.

Why Choose Perfect Smiles of Doylestown for Dental Implants?

  • We Treat Every Patient Like Family
  • High-Quality Materials Ensure Results Look Great & Last
  • Dentist with More than 30 Years of Experience

Benefits of Dental Implants

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Compared to traditional bridges and dentures, implants offer a number of unique advantages:

  • Patients never have to worry about their implanted teeth slipping or breaking while they eat because they’re held within strong bone just like natural teeth.
  • Unlike most other dental prosthetics, implants don’t have metal or acrylic attachments needed to hold them in place. They sit in the gum line and resemble real teeth in every way, fully restoring someone’s appearance as well as their oral health.
  • Implants have been shown to help preserve the jawbone and prevent bone loss. They also provide support for the muscles of the face, which gives a patient a more youthful, healthy appearance.
  • Taking care of dental implants is easy. All a patient has to do is brush and floss them like regular teeth, no special steps required!
  • With minimal maintenance, an implant can be expected to last for an average of 30 years.

Indications for Dental Implants

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No matter how many teeth you might be missing, implants can likely be used to bring them back. The only requirements are a mouth and jawbone healthy enough to hold the artificial roots. Once in place, implants can be paired with a variety of restorations depending on your needs:

Missing One Tooth

Instead of reshaping the two teeth on either side of a missing one to place a bridge, a single implant attached to a porcelain crown can be fitted into the smile without disturbing the surrounding dental structure at all.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Whether a patient’s missing teeth are spaced throughout their mouth or are in a row, implants can restore them all by securing a bridge or partial denture in place. Compared to traditional removable prosthetics, these implant-retained ones have a stronger fit and can be trusted to last longer as well.

Missing All of Your Teeth

For patients missing an entire row of teeth, the full arch can be brought back using just four to six implants attached to a full denture. Implant dentures help patients recover much more of their bite strength compared to regular ones, meaning they’re able to enjoy a more varied and nutritious diet with ease.

Partners with the Best in Buck’s County

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In order to get dental implants, a patient must undergo a minor surgery in which the roots are positioned within the jawbone. For this procedure, Dr. Lewis will refer a patient to one of his trusted local specialists who has performed the procedure countless times and consistently delivers fantastic results. After a patient has healed (usually over the course of a few months), they’ll return to Perfect Smiles so Dr. Lewis can attach their custom-made restorations to their implants.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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The cost of getting dental implants is always different from patient to patient because no two procedures are exactly alike. The number of teeth someone is missing, their location in the mouth, and the condition of the jawbone are all factors that can affect the final price. We can give you an accurate estimate of what you’ll be expected to pay when you come to see us for a one-on-one consultation. Thanks to their longevity, dental implants are actually the most budget-friendly replacement compared to every other treatment, as they are able to last for decades, while other prosthetics typically have to be completely redone every five to seven years on average.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Implants

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If you’re ready to finally fill in the gaps in your smile, look no further than dental implants in Doylestown. These posts are perfect for replicating the entire structure of your tooth and feeling like a completely natural part of your smile. However, it’s normal to have a few questions about the procedure first. Don’t worry, we’ve answered some of our most commonly asked questions about dental implants down below. If your dental implant question isn’t answered on this page, just call us and ask!

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

For the most part, as long as you’re missing teeth, dental implants could be the right solution for you. However, there are a few conditions that could put you at a greater risk for implant failure. One example is smoking. Tobacco use hinders the mouth’s ability to heal and fight off infections. Another example would be a condition that compromises your immune system, like HIV/AIDS or uncontrolled diabetes. If you smoke or have any of these conditions, you might not be the best candidate for dental implants. We’ll go over any risks of the procedure at your consultation.

What Is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

This varies from person to person based on their health and oral habits. For a healthy individual who doesn’t smoke and has good oral hygiene, dental implants can have a success rate of up to 95%, even after 10 years!

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Implants are designed to last for at least 30 years. However, if you take proper care of them, they can even last for the rest of your life! The good news is that maintaining your dental implants is actually pretty similar to caring for your natural teeth. Simply brush and floss as you would normally, and attend your regular checkups and cleanings every six months.

Why Do I Need a Bone Graft?

Many patients require a bone grafting procedure before dental implants can be placed. This is because when you’ve suffered through tooth loss, your jawbone gradually begins to shrink because it’s no longer being stimulated by the roots of your natural teeth. By grafting artificial bone tissue onto your existing jawbone, it can then become strong enough to support as many dental implants as you need to restore your smile. Although a bone graft can increase the total cost and healing time of your implant journey, it will be well worth it to create a strong foundation for your smile that will stand the test of time.

Does Getting Dental Implants Hurt?

One might think that getting a titanium post inserted into your jawbone would hurt, but actually, most patients report very little discomfort during their procedure. Most of them say that getting implants hurts significantly less than getting a tooth extracted. Because it is an oral surgery, however, you can expect to deal with some swelling and soreness for a few days afterwards. This can be managed by taking your prescribed pain medication or holding a cold compress to the outside of your mouth for 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off as needed.