Dental Crowns to Protect Your Smile

A beautiful smile can be a source of confidence and a reflection of oral health. When you have good oral health, you are more likely to have a radiant smile. Along the way, you may need restorations to help maintain your smile. Dental crowns often play a pivotal role in protecting and preserving your pearly whites. If you need fixes to your smile, your dentist may use dental crowns as guardians for your smile. 

Dental Crowns to Protect Your Smile

Dental Crowns Unveiled

Dental crowns are custom-made prosthetic devices that encase a damaged or weakened tooth. A lab can craft a crown from various materials such as porcelain, metal, or a combination of both. These crowns serve as a protective shield. They can restore the tooth’s shape, size, and strength. Furthermore, they can enhance its overall appearance.

The Guardian Role of Dental Crowns

There are a variety of ways the dental crowns can enhance your smile. 

Restoring Structural Integrity

When a tooth is severely decayed or cracked, the structural integrity can become compromised. Dental crowns act as a protective barrier. It covers the damaged tooth and prevents further deterioration. This restoration not only strengthens the tooth but also safeguards it from the daily wear and tear of biting and chewing.

Preserving Functionality

One of the key benefits of dental crowns is their ability to preserve the function of a damaged tooth. Whether a tooth has undergone root canal therapy or has extensive decay, a crown ensures that you can bite, chew, and speak with confidence. You need these functions to maintain your overall oral health. 

Common Scenarios Where Dental Crowns Shine

While your dentist can use crowns for cosmetic issues, there are many functional benefits. 

Decay and Cavities

When tooth decay has progressed beyond what a dental filling can address, a dental crown becomes the solution. The crown covers and protects the remaining tooth structure. As a result, this can prevent the need for extraction and maintain the natural bite.

Fractures and Cracks

Teeth are susceptible to fractures and cracks due to accidents or trauma. Dental crowns provide a protective covering to prevent further damage and preserve the tooth’s integrity.

Weak or Worn Teeth

Due to age, dental erosion, or teeth grinding, your teeth can become weakened. Therefore, they can benefit from reinforcement from dental crowns. The crown acts as a sturdy shield, preventing further wear and tear and ensuring the longevity of the tooth.

Long-Term Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can withstand the forces of daily chewing and biting. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years. Therefore, they can provide protection for your teeth for years to come.

In addition to their functional benefits, dental crowns can greatly improve the look of your smile. Your dentist can customize the crown to match the color and shape of your natural teeth. Your final result should be a seamless and attractive smile.