Which Foods Might Crack Teeth?

You use your teeth to bite and chew food throughout the day without any issues ordinarily. But under high amounts of pressure, a tooth, though durable, could crack, chip, or fracture.

If this occurs, not only will you disrupt the look of your smile, but you could put your teeth in danger of further harm. You will need to call your dentist for restorative dental treatment right away.

Certain food items will create this risk of dental injury. Knowing which items present this danger to your dental structure can help you prevent this dental emergency. Read on to learn which foods could cause a dental injury that will require urgent care from your dentist.

protect dental structure with dentist tips

4 Food Items That May Break Your Teeth


Popcorn makes for a fun snack to enjoy either at home or out at a movie theater. Though you may enjoy its light and fluffy texture, this appearance could be deceptive. It could hide hard unpopped kernels that could break your teeth if you bite into them.

You might notice pain if you break your teeth, but even if it does not hurt, you should contact your dentist about this dental damage. Cracks can deepen without prompt dental treatment, and you can have a high risk of additional dental concerns.


Many people use bagels to build a delicious sandwich that will suit any time of day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But you might not realize that bagels have a dense construction and are harder to bite into than you may guess. You could break a tooth if you are not careful when eating a bagel or other type of hard bread.

Pay attention to the way you eat bagels and other potentially risky food items. This will help to prevent a dental injury that may require urgent restorative dental work. Save time and money by taking these precautions.

Hard Candy

Hard candy is made from boiled sugary syrup that solidifies to sweet, tasty candy as it cools. You suck on this candy as it dissolves in the mouth, but many people feel tempted to bite down on it before this point. Then they could crack a tooth on this treat.

Dentists can repair broken teeth in many cases by covering the damaged tooth with a dental crown. But you should preserve the natural structure of your smile whenever you can. So if you cannot resist biting hard candy, you might want to steer clear of this treat.

Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob is a fun way to eat a popular starchy vegetable. However, your teeth are not built to withstand the pressure of biting into corn while still on its cob. Grating your teeth against the hard corn cob puts you at great risk of tooth breakage.

When possible, you should eat corn off of its cob. But if you do want to enjoy corn on the cob, be careful as you eat.