4 Advantages from Dental Crowns

If your tooth sustains structural damage, your dentist will likely recommend treatment with a dental crown. This fixture features a ceramic cap that a dentist fits over an affected tooth. It provides optimal protection while enhancing its look and structure.

Some people may feel nervous about dental work, even if they know it will help their health in the long run. Knowing the advantages of a dental treatment can make you feel more at ease in the dentist’s office. To alleviate any dental fear, read on to find four oral health benefits you will notice when you restore a tooth with a dental crown.

ceramic cap placement for dental crowns

How Will Dental Crowns Improve My Smile?

Replace Lost Tooth Enamel

Your teeth feature a hard outer layer called tooth enamel. It protects the sensitive and vulnerable interior of the tooth. While durable, enamel may erode over time for various reasons, including those outside of your control.

Once gone, the enamel will not regenerate. But your dentist can replace thinned or weakened enamel with a dental crown. The cap reinforces the protection of the enamel, covering weak spots so that the sensitive inner layers remain safe from exterior threats.

You can stop tooth sensitivity pain and keep your teeth safe from plaque and bacteria with this treatment. The crown stays securely in place thanks to dental cement.

Repair Broken Teeth

Your teeth experience wear and tear from biting and chewing without issue each day. But accidents can occur that may lead your strong teeth to crack, fracture, or chip. These dental injuries will interrupt the look of your smile.

But they will also leave vulnerable spots in your teeth where bacteria and harmful residues can access your smile. They may deepen over time, so you should seek prompt treatment for tooth breakage.

Minor chips and cracks might be resolved with cosmetic dental solutions. But severe fractures will need coverage from a dental crown. The crown restores the shape of the tooth and ensures it stays sealed and safe from dental dangers.

Brighten Discolored Teeth

Crowns are known for their restorative benefits, but you can see aesthetic advantages with these dental fixtures too. A dentist builds a crown on a customized basis for each of their patients, ensuring a comfortable and natural-looking finish.

This means they can factor in the patient’s cosmetic smile goals as well. The dental crown can cover a tooth that has suffered deep stains, yellowing, or other discoloration.

The enhanced shape and color can give the patient a brighter, more even smile. It will also resist staining, so patients can experience this enhancement for a long time.

Support Other Dental Work

Dental crowns provide many benefits on their own. But they can also serve as effective supporting fixtures for other dental procedures.

For example, a crown will cover a tooth after drilling away advanced tooth decay. It will do the same thing after a patient undergoes root canal therapy. The crown makes an ideal prosthetic tooth for patients receiving tooth replacement with a single dental implant as well.