Smile Enhancement with Teeth Bonding

If you are not happy with the way that your smile appears, you can talk to your dentist to find a cosmetic dental solution that will boost the look of your teeth. Your dentist will use an individualized approach for your smile enhancement treatment. So you can count on a smile design that will suit your unique dental needs.

Many patients will benefit from teeth bonding. A dentist can apply composite resin to the teeth and sculpt it according to your aesthetic goals to enhance your smile. Read on to learn about four cosmetic advantages that teeth bonding treatment can provide.

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How Does Dental Bonding Improve the Look of My Teeth?

Brighten Your Tooth Color

The resin used in teeth bonding is tooth-colored. Dentists often employ this procedure to give dental patients a brighter or more even color in their smiles. They can cover stains or uneven coloring with the resin, making the teeth’s appearance smoother and whiter.

Patients should know that bonding can stain after treatment. They should take care to avoid foods and drinks with staining agents that can impact their dental work. But with proper care, the bonding can give patients a whiter smile for three to ten years.

Reshape Irregular Teeth

Composite resin is malleable when a dentist applies it to a patient’s teeth. This means the dentist can easily shape it according to a patient’s desired results. Patients with worn or irregularly shaped teeth can benefit from bonding in this way.

Once the dentist sculpts the resin, they hit it with concentrated light to harden and cure it. Then, the bonding will remain in place, especially after the preparation of the enamel beneath it for better adherence.

Amend Minor Tooth Breakage

Though durable, accidents can occur that may leave you with a crack, chip, or fracture in your tooth. These injuries can worsen if you do not seek prompt treatment from a dentist, so do not hesitate to call them in the event of this dental damage.

Severe tooth breakage might need coverage from a dental crown to treat. But smaller chips or cracks in a tooth can be filled with teeth bonding. The bonding creates a seal over the breakage as well. This stops bacteria and plaque from penetrating and causing major dental problems.

Create a Straighter Smile

Severely crooked teeth and jaws might need orthodontic treatment. But if you want to fill small gaps between teeth or create a straighter appearance to your teeth, dental bonding can help.

The dentist can strategically place resin to fill spaces between teeth to build a fuller and straighter look to your smile. You can feel more confident in the way that your smile appears this way, building self-esteem that can spread to other aspects of your life.

This cosmetic solution can also make it easier to get your teeth thoroughly clean when you complete your oral hygiene routine. With improved access to the surface of your teeth, you can clear away lingering plaque before it can hurt your smile.